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Feed The Widows Program

People at Heart Foundation has embarked on a program called Feed the widow campaign, in Rusape Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has been under lockdown due to Covid 19, which is meant to help control the spread of the pandemic. However, it has affected a lot of marginalized women as they rely on daily sales of produce for their livelihood. Their source of income abruptly vanished and for a month they have been with no income, with most of their reserves being utilized during the lockdown.

This campaign will give widows food hampers and handmade face masks to help alleviate the challenges they are going through. The food hamper will have 10 kg mealie meal, 2 liters cooking oil, a bar of soap, 2kg sugar, 2kg
salt and People at Heart Face Masks. Initially the foundation will fund 20 widows and we will add more beneficiaries to the program in groups of 20s.

Our first group of widows was given their hampers on Saturday the 9th of May 2020. This program coincided with this year’s mother’s day. It was a great way to celebrate mother’s day with these amazing women.

We would like to thank all those supporting us on this project and all Chariots customers for supporting
this beautiful cause.

For more information or to contribute or volunteer in anyway please contact us on
WhatsApp: +263777321113 / +8613260286087
Wechat ID: Tinachariots

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