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Berita Saranji is my name.Am 39 and a proud mother of 5…
Mother… unbearable pain mixed with joy.Love and persistence all succumb what we call a mother. A mother is a vessel that brought life into our community thereby carrying the future.She should be loved and cherished above all others.As much as she is a life vessel, she is also the nurtured of all races. She breathed life and also works too hard ,for too long as she struggles at times singly handed  for the upkeep of the children.A mother takes her role as the owner and the producer of the race and she also responsible for nurturing strong health children moral or ethical code to live by who will embody self respect. The race belongs to the mother as she the lifeline. Mother should be honoured , celebrated and appreciated because she is truly the pride of race since she poured moral and ethical principalities to the children so they could grow to be upstanding dignity ,character and honor.Its clear that every great man /or woman had to travel through a woman’s womb in order to be born.A mother was and is still a first stop on the road to greatness. There is a degree of sacrifice, commitment,courage, valor and loyalty the mother has shown to human kind.She is also a unifier and at times suffers domestic violence ..with pain in her heart she still focuses like an eagle..Bless you mothers

Berita Saranji

Today we want to shout out to all the mothers out there. We might not show appreciation to you everyday but we know how important you are in our lives. Our first 9 months you carried us on your back and for a while after that you fed us with nourishment from your own bodies. Your love, patience and encouragement is what brought us to were we are today. Every successful person has gone through the hands of a mother one way or another. We thank you for always being there for us and most important being the vessel of choice to give birth to our Christ and Savior.

Happy Mother’s day!


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