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Mother’s Our Unsung Heroes

Today is mother’s Day and I’m excited to be a mother and daughter. Motherhood is beautiful but it’s not an easy role. So much is expected of mothers. It’s a struggle to keep it together as a mum, it’s even more difficult as a single mum or widow, still we are expected to keep things in order but as challenging as it is lessons are learnt and it’s an amazing experience seeing your children grow through it all.

I’m a mother of teenagers and there is not a moment that I have not cherished being a mother. Each stage of a child’s development has it’s own highs and lows, from the sleepless nights when they were babies to this day when they are grown-ups. How I wish motherhood came with a manual. The beauty of being a mother is being able to balance all that you are required to do in one goal. It’s a God given gift. God has given us a role to nature and love not just our children, adopted or biological alike, but the world. You have been gifted with so many roles and talents. I believe that mothers are able to distribute their love and make the world a better place. I salute you mothers, bravo and keep up the good work.


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