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The Couch “Blankie” Drive

In December  2020 we launched a couch “blankie” drive. Our target was to sell 100 blankets in order for us to support 21 families we have adopted for covid support with startup capital or put in place income generating projects for these families. We have been supporting these families affected by Covid19 between May 2020 to November 2020. At the last food hamper sharing meeting the 20 women initiated 4 groups in preparation for business projects that they are to embark on.

The business categories are:

  1. Poultry Farming Business
  2. Cosmetic business
  3. Horticulture farming business
  4. Selling Groceries

These different groups will partner with People at Heart / Chariots to start business ventures to enable the families to fend for themselves.

As People at Heart we don’t believe in just giving out handouts, but enabling families to be self-sufficient.

  • The Poultry group received their Capital on the 4th of December 2020 and should be commencing the project once they have acquired the chicks, feed and implements.
  • We are waiting for feedback from the cosmetics and groceries group.

Coming drives!

We are looking at raising finances to buy a milling line in 2021. This project will empower the lives of many women as well as the community by providing job opportunities, it will also open downstream opportunities for women who will distribute and sell the produce in the market.

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