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Wear Your Inspiration

During this difficult time of uncertainty it is difficult to keep one’s dreams alive, it’s not easy to keep hope alive, tomorrow feels like a fading dream. At Chariots we came up with the idea of designing earrings that people could wear to remind them that the dream is still alive when hope feels gone. Creating them made me realize that this Covid 19 pandemic like all other pandemics before it, will pass, it’s only for a season. My dreams have not been shattered because of it, the legendary phoenix that rises from the ashes, so shall our dreams rise from the ashes of this pandemic. Most nations are in lockdown, this gives us time to prepare for bigger dreams. 

This collection is a reminder to all of you to continue to dream big and live your dream and not to Quit. Life is never about quitting, keep the dream alive. While you are living your dream don’t forget to inspire others. We are here on earth for a reason, give hope to the next person and help them to be who they are called to be. Be a light to someone.

Remember to live your life to the fullest, loving others and receiving love. During this time of wearing masks our smiles might be invisible, they are hidden by the masks but smile anyways and wave at the next person we need it, let’s fight this pandemic together, sharing the hope that we have. Take good care of yourselves and those around you. Take care of our planet. It is our shared responsibility to take care of our beautiful planet.

As we said these earrings are to inspire you and give you hope, a reminder that all is not lost there is life after challenges, get a pair for yourself and bless others to share the same hope you have received. Proceeds help support and give hope to marginalized women and children in my motherland Zimbabwe through our Foundation People at Heart. Our main objective is to create an equal opportunity for all, your help through purchasing our creations help us achieve that.

Thank you for your support we greatly appreciate it. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Keep the dream.

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